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 The Greatest songs ever

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PostSubject: The Greatest songs ever   Sat Oct 02, 2010 4:05 pm

Nightwish- Ghost Love Score
Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb
Pink Floyd- Shine on you Crazy Diamond
Status Quo- Lonely Man
Deep Purple- Child in Time
Led Zeppelin- Stairway to Heaven
Guns 'n Roses- November Rain
Epica- the Phantoms Agony
Depeche Mode- Walking in my Shoes
Depeche Mode- In your room
Muse- Knights of Cydonia
Muse- Hysteria
Limp Bizkit- Nookie
Snow Patrol- Chasing cars
U2- One
Tarja Turunen- Underneath
Tarja Turunen- Crimson Deep
the Eagles- Desperado
the Eagles- Hotel California
Sting- Fields of Gold
Fleetwood Mac- Go your own Way
Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Green Day- Wake me up when september ends
Rainbow- Eyes of the World
Rush- the Spirit of the Radio
Kansas- Dust in the Wind
Styx- Crystal Ball
Iron Maiden- Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden- Paschendale

Of course there are much more songs but for now this is a small part of my all time favorites... cheers

What about your songs?
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PostSubject: Re: The Greatest songs ever   Sat Oct 02, 2010 6:45 pm

No matter what kind of music genre?

Well, it'll probably be a long list, gotta think about it first...
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PostSubject: Re: The Greatest songs ever   Sun Oct 03, 2010 2:14 am

icare4u wrote:
No matter what kind of music genre?

Well, it'll probably be a long list, gotta think about it first...

The music genre is not important because music is a personal taste, if you like Celine Dion (.......oh shit, i'm gonna puke) then that's alright .....right?.... Shocked
It also doesn't matter what kind of language the songs are .... cheers
I heard a few months ago a Inner-Mongolian (folk-rock)-band called Hanggai in my hometown, their songs were in their own native language but nonetheless great and especially their 'Drinking Song' was hilarious... geek

I have called this topic 'the Greatest songs ever' because the word 'greatest' is something else then 'the best'... Idea

I'm also very anxious which songs other members like because these songs can extend my list of favorite songs considerably... king
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PostSubject: Re: The Greatest songs ever   Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:01 am

Now that you mention Celine Dion...actually I do like ..I really love the song of her with R. Kelly "I'm your angel"

Celine Dion feat. R. Kelly - I'm your angel (I'll be your cloud up in the sky
I'll be your shoulder when you cry
I hear your voices when you call me
I am your angel
I saw your teardrops and I heard you cry
All you need is time
Seek me and you shall find
You have everything and you're still lonely
It don't have to be this way
Let me show you a better day)

and while we're at
R. Kelly - I Wish Remix (To the Homies that we lost)
R. Kelly - I Believe I can fly

now to other songs
Thalía - Amor a la mexicana
Thalía - Amar sin ser amada
Thalía - Mujeres
Thalía - Equivocada
Therion - Sitra Ahra
Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough
Gloria Trevi - Me Siento Tan Sola
Gloria Trevi - Psicofonia
Gloria Trevi - Dr. Psiquiatra
Gloria Trevi - Todos Me Miran
Gloria Trevi - Pelo Suelto
Aaliyah - I care 4 u
Aaliyah - Miss You
Aaliyah - At Your Best (You are Love)
Whitney Houston - Didn't We Almost Have It All?
Whitney Houston - All At Once
Whitney Houston - Step by Step
Whitney Houston - When you believe
Whitney Houston - It's not right but it's ok
Whitney Houston - I learned from the best
Toni Braxton - Un-break My Heart
Toni Braxton - How could an angel break my heart
Toni Braxton - Why should I care?
Faun - Iyansa
Faun - Sieben
Faun - Aisi Sisikka
Soledad - Amutuy
Soledad - El Bahiano
Soledad - Tren del cielo
Nightwish - Dead To The World
Tarja - Oasis
Tarja - Calling Grace
Tarja - The Archive of Lost Dreams
Tarja - I Walk Alone
Tarja - Die Alive
Tarja - You Would Have Loved This
Tarja - Naiad
Amaral - Estrella De Mar
Amaral - Sin Ti No Soy Nada
Amaral - Cabecita Loca
Amaral & Alex Ubago - Me muero por conocerte
Björk - Náttúra
Gloria Estefan - Hablemos el mismo idioma
Gloria Estefan - Cuba libre
Gloria Estefan - Esperando (Cuando Cuba sea libre)
Gloria Estefan - Abriendo Puertas
Laura Pausini - Il mio sbaglio piú grande
Laura Pausini - La Solitudine
Tori Amos - Welcome to England
Leaves' Eyes - New Found Land
Leaves' Eyes - Amrhán
Leaves' Eyes - Solemn Sea
Elissa - Ahla Duniya
Nancy Ajram - Akhasmak Ah
Nancy Ajram - Ya Salam
Nancy Ajram - Shater Shater
Nancy Ajram - Shakhbet Shakhabeet
Khadja Nin - Sambolera Mayi Son
Khadja Nin - Damu Ya Salaam
Khadja Nin - Haya
Janet Jackson - Together Again
Mary J. Blige - No More Drama
Mary J. Blige - Not Gon' Cry
Mary J. Blige - Your Child
Mary J. Blige - Deep Inside
Mary J. Blige - No Happy Holidays
Mary J. Blige - Reminisce

-to be continued-
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PostSubject: Re: The Greatest songs ever   Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:25 pm

Hahaha, i bet you will continue your list of greatest songs very soon.... lol!

Here are a few new ones from my list:

Metalllica- Nothing else Matter
Metallica- Whiskey in the Jar (cover)
Metallica- the Memory Remains
Depeche Mode- Enjoy the Silence
Howard Jones- Hide and Seek
Peter Gabriel- Biko
Pink Floyd- Wish you were here
Pink Floyd- Poles Apart
Lara Fabian- Adaggio
Simple Minds- Belfast Child
the Cranberries- Zombie
Nightwish- Riddler
Nightwish- the Poet & the Pendulum
Nightwish- Angels Fall First
Tarja Turunen- What Lies Beneath (all songs)
REM- Man on the Moon
REM- Loosing my Religion
Hanggai- Drinking Song ... lol!

For now my fingers are getting stiff from all this typing and since i don't have a personal assistant i have to do it myself.... scratch

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PostSubject: Re: The Greatest songs ever   Sun Oct 03, 2010 2:17 pm

I had to do all the typing myself as well...LOL...I don't have a personal assistant either...

Amaral - Marta, Sebas, Guille Y Los Demás
Amaral - Toda La Noche en la Calle
Sade - Slave Song
Hijo de la Luna (performed by different singers/bands)
Sarah Brightman - Johnny Wanna Live
Sarah Brightman - Arrival
Sarah Brightman
When A Child Is Born
Fleurs du Mal
Canto della Terra
Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiró)
Ivete Sangalo - Areré
Ivete Sangalo - Quando a Chuva Passar
Ivete Sangalo - Pererê
Soy Loco Por Ti América
Chorando Se Foi/Lambada
Els Pets - Com més et coneixo, més m'agrada el teu gos
Jota Quest - O Sol
La Barranca - Edén

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PostSubject: Re: The Greatest songs ever   Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:40 pm

Phew, hard question. As for the greatest (rock) song ever, "Bohemian Rhapsody" would be my choice and I'd choose "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel as the best music video.

Other personal favourites of mine would be:

Sonata Arctica - White Pearl, Black Oceans...
Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons
Nightwish - The Siren
Nightwish - Lappi
Nightwish - FantasMic
Nightwish - Ghost Love Score
Eternal Tears of Sorrow - Red Dawn Rising
Opeth - Harvest
Opeth - Epilogue
Dream Theater - The Silent Man
Sieges Even - What's Up God
Dream Theater - The Best of Times
Tarja - Enough
Avantasia - The Glory of Rome
Edenbridge - Cheyenne Spirit
Edguy - The Headless Game
Children of Bodom - Children of Bodom
Shape of Despair - Night's Dew
Angizia - Der Kirschgarten oder Memoiren an die Stirn der Kindeszeit
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Balrog Boogie
Diablo Swing Orchestra - D'Angelo
The Mars Volta - L'Via L'Viaquez
Jethro Tull - Bungle in the Jungle
Jethro Tull - Too Old to Rock'n'Roll, Too Young to Die
Jethro Tull - Minstrel in the Gallery
Blackmore's Night - Under a Violet Moon
Loreena McKennitt - The Bonny Swans
Liv Kristine - In the Heart of Juliet

Actually I find it easier to make a list of my favourite albums (trying to limit things to one album per artist):

Abydos - Abydos
Adagio - Sanctus Ignis
After Forever - Prison of Desire
Amberian Dawn - The Clouds of Northland Thunder
(but I love "River of Tuoni", as well)
Andromeda - Extension of the Wish (especially the new version)
Angra - Temple of Shadows
Ayreon - Universal Migrator, Pt. 1: The Dream Sequencer
Beto Vázquez Infinity - Beto Vázquez Infinity
Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle-Earth
Borknagar - Empiricism
Draconian - Turning Season Within
Dream Theater - Images and Words
(but I love all their 90s stuff, especially Scenes from a Memory, and even enjoy their debut loads, on their more recent albums I like mostly the epics, the rest not so much, although BC&SL was better)
Dreamscape - 5th Season
Edenbridge - MyEarthDream
Effloresce - Shades of Fate EP
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Tarkus
Empyrium - Weiland
Epica - The Divine Conspiracy
(but I can't really decide between this one and "Design Your Universe")
Fates Warning - A Pleasant Shade of Gray
Finntroll - Visor om slutet
(by the way, their demo is really cool Mr. Green)
The Gathering - Nighttime Birds
The Gourishankar - 2nd Hands
Haggard - Eppur si muove
(And Thou Shalt Trust ... The Seer is great, too)
Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick
Kamelot - The Black Halo
(and Epica ...
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King
Lana Lane - Queen of the Ocean
Leaves' Eyes - Vinland Saga
(I think I like it a tad better than Njord)
Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment 2
(a little better than their first one, I think)
Kiko Loureiro - No Gravity
(but Universo Inverso is awesome especially considering it's not normally the kind of music I listen to)
Luca Turilli - Prophet of the Last Eclipse
(King of the Nordic Twilight is great fun, too)
Lumsk - Troll
Marillion - Season's End
Nightwish - Oceanborn
Noche Escandinava II - A Finnish evening from Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 24th 2004
Opeth - Damnation
(if this one doesn't count because it's softer that their usual stuff, I'll choose Blackwater Park Razz)
Orphaned Land - Mabool
Planet X - Quantum
Queen - Innuendo
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime
Rhapsody of Fire - The Frozen Tears of Angels
Sabaton - Primo Victoria
Scorpions - World Wide Live
(OK, OK, this is a live album, but I don't have most of their studio albums and Sting in the Tail would be a bit too obvious, wouldn't it? Laughing)
Sethian - Into the Silence
Sieges Even - Paramount
Sinergy - Beware the Heavens
(or Suicide By My Side? damn, can't decide, all their albums are great!)
Sirenia - At Sixes and Sevens
Sonata Arctica - Ecliptica
Symphony X - The Odyssey
(because I can't decide between V, The Divine Wings of Tragedy and Twilight in Olympus Razz)
Tarja - What Lies Beneath (Limited Version, German)
Therion - Gothic Kabbalah
(so that I won't have to choose between Lemuria and Sirius B ...)
Tiamat - Wildhoney
Tristania - Beyond the Veil
(again, only a slight edge against Widow's Weeds ...)
Turisas - The Varangian Way
Visions of Atlantis - Eternal Endless Infinity
Wintersun - Wintersun
Yes - Yessongs
(again a live album because I just can't decide ... although for studio albums, I think I'd choose Close to the Edge - or perhaps The Yes album?)
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PostSubject: Re: The Greatest songs ever   Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:32 pm

Ok, it was hard to pick up the bests for me, but here we go Very Happy
My favorite songs in the Metal world are:

Falling Awake - Tarja
Der Tote Winkel - Lacrimosa
Ever Dream - Nightwish
In Motion #1 - The Gathering
Home In Despair - Sentenced
Der Tanz Der Schatten - Theatre Of Tragedy
Lethean River - Tristania
My Hope The Destroyer - My Dying Bride
The Abhorrent Rays - Draconian
The Invincible - Therion
Spieluhr - Rammstein
Ludgũnon - Eluveitie
Upon Fallen Autumn Leaves - Haggard
Beneath Black Skies - Paradise Lost
The Holy Bond - Leaves' Eyes
Misery's Crown - Dark Tranquillity
Consternation - Katatonia
Exhale Again - Bloodparade
Requiem For a Vampire - Vampiria
Scorpion Flower - Moonspell

And from the "non metal" world... :

Only Happy When It Rains - Garbage
Venus As A Boy - Björk
Kuin Henkäys Ikuisuutta - Tarja
Black Eyed - Placebo
My Imagination - The Cranberries
Hurt - Nine Inch Nails
The Art Of Suicide - Emilie Autumn
Tonight Tonight - The Smashing Pumpkins
Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode
Pennyroyal Tea - Nirvana
Creep - Radiohead
Breathe No More - Evanescence
Now We Are Free - Lisa Gerrard and Hans Zimmer
In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated - Dead Can Dance
Ice Water - Agua De Annique
In Der Palästra - Sopor Aeternus And The Ensemble Of Shadows
When We Were Young - Dolores O'riordan
Take Good Care - Liv Kristine
Bad Romance - Lady GaGa

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PostSubject: Re: The Greatest songs ever   

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The Greatest songs ever
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