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 Emilie Autumn

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PostSubject: Emilie Autumn   Fri Sep 24, 2010 2:47 am

Emilie Autumn is a solo "gothic" musician, playing in the self-proclaimed "Victoriandustrial" styel - a genre that blends together gothic industrial beats and synths with baroque violins and harpsichord. She is known best for her dramatics not only in song, but on stage, where she is accompanied by four other women who participate in live burlesuqe dancing, stilt-walking, swallowing fire, spitting "tea" (tasted like whiskey to me) on the audience... and making out with them. Her fan base is quite fanatic, and fans are called "muffins", "plague rats", or, accumatively, "The Asylum Army".

Autumn has worked with Courtney Love and Billy Corgan before finally releasing her own solo music. Her first album, "Enchant", is almost completely different from her current style. She calls the music from "Enchant" as "Fantasy Rock", which has a softer sound, blending jazz and celtic elements. Autumn suffers from bipolar disorder and seemingly, a very traumatic childhood (Autumn has never discussed what happened to her as a child; however, she had said that she's been raped various times throughout her life and has been diagnosed with PTSD). After being institutionalized for a suicide attempt, Autumn found herself leaving more traumatized than she had arrived. She has since written the album "Opheliac", on which is on the final tour for. She has also released a giant, illustrated book called "The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls", which is half her doccumentation of the experience and daily life, and half historical fiction.

Autumn is a strong advocator for awareness to the flaws in the way mentally ill are treated and labeled in current society, pointing out not much has changed in 200 years (hence her draw to the era of Victorian England). She also is vegan, and feels strongly about animal rights, especially those of rats. She has supported PETA for years and recently was interviewed by them.

I am obsessed with Emilie Autumn. I love how brutally honest her music is - not to mention dramatic and fiercely feminine. I am a bit cynical of many fans, who sometimes have the "brainless droid" symptom I sometimes see with Tarja fans. Laughing But if you get the chance, see her live. She definitely puts on a great show, with lots of audience interaction. The stage is all hand-made, and GORGEOUS. Plus, Veronica Varlow might kiss you. She kissed me. Very Happy

Here's a little bit of her music (click on song titles for YouTube links):
1.) Shallot (my personal favorite)
2.) Opheliac
3.) Swallow
4.) I Know Where You Sleep
5.) The Art of Suicide

Also, there is Rose Red and Juliet from the "Enchant" album.

Click here for a little taste of live Emilie Autumn.
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PostSubject: Re: Emilie Autumn   Fri Sep 24, 2010 4:15 am

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Emilie Autumn I love you . Discovered her art almost a year ago and loved it right away.
I haven't heard all of her songs since I do not own any of her albums (impossible to get them in Argentina) so I just randomly downloaded some tracks.
From the ones I've heard, this are my favorite ones:

The Art Of Suicide
What If
Save You
Misery Loves Company
Marry Me
Dead Is The New Alive
I Know Where You Sleep

Is funny what you've said about her fans, because she's coming to Argentina and the ONLY thing that makes me hesitate to buy the tickets are her fans Rolling Eyes .
I joined her argentinean fan club some months ago and I felt very dissapointed about Emilie's fan base. All I found was a bunch of teeny girls writing dumb things like "OMGZ I'm such a fragile Leettl Faireeh, I'm anoreccik and bulimihc, evereeon hatez me!! nobodee undertsnanz my prophoundez, I had like 1.000.000 suisad attemptz! pay attention to meh, I'm dark I ZWEAHR!!!" Laughing . At first I thought it was just a problem of the forum in my country, but after reading her international forum I discovered that it wasn't like that: many of her fans use personal problems and serious issues, such as suicide and eating disorders to call attention and look more "asylumesque" which is beyond lame in my opinion (her argentinean forum takes the cake on that matter though Mr. Green ).
Anyway it has nothing to do with Autumn herself: if some people are stupid is not her fault, she can't decide which fans decide to join her community Razz
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Age : 26
Location : The really boring part of California

PostSubject: Re: Emilie Autumn   Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:01 am

Yeah, even on Facebook some of the fans have "Asylum" or "Suffer" in their name. Laughing I think you should definitely go see her though - she is quite fantastic as an entertainer. And actually, the Emilie Autumn concert I went to had the nicest fans out of anywhere I'd ever been. Shocked Everyone was SO friendly. People actually let the smaller people go to the front of the stage so the could see better. The atmosphere was great. Very Happy

If you'd like, I could send you some of the tracks you haven't heard; I have basically everything from her (well, from the "Opheliac" era past; I'm not a huge fan of the "Enchant" era. Embarassed)

"Misery Loves Company" is badass, by the way. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Emilie Autumn   

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Emilie Autumn
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